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Heets Teak

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What is HEETS Teak?

Teak HEETS is one of the most prominent sticks with a cookie tobacco flavor Enjoy forest berries and inhale pure nicotine without harm with the unique modern technology from IQOS. IQOS lil Solid are the modern technology as well as growth of 2019-2021. The traditional HEETS choice line was released under this development. The tobacco sticks adaptively fit both IQOS lil and IQOS lil 2.0. Authorities representatives reject interchangeability, however our professionals as well as store customers keep in mind that it is possible. If you have quit cigarettes or are trying to quit smoking. Teak HEETS can replace inhaling dangerous CO2 and also aid you quit melting tobacco. Some users have kept in mind that Teak has much less tobacco taste as well as a somewhat cheesy preference, contrasting it to Amber or Bronze. Teak Selections have a similar taste with a cookie tobacco taste. Teak sticks include a fascinating baking flavor with notes of cinnamon as well as Bavarian cream. A fascinating analogy with baked goods or cookies. Biscuit luscious taste and also an uncommon odor when heated.

The amount of sticks in a pack of HEETS Teak?

Each pack includes 10 packs of HEETS. Each pack has 20 sticks. Our store does not damage blocks and also does not market packs. One device of item is one block (10 packs of 20 Teak HEETS sticks). The expense per block is 499 SAR. If your order contains greater than 3 blocks you can ask for a private discount rate from our manager. When you open up the bundle, you can see two segments wrapped in paper. Each of the sections has 10 sticks. This is a wonderful way to manage the heatsticks intake, to compute the remainder. Some consumers have actually kept in mind that the second segment is a convenient method to shop utilized sticks.

HEETS Teak taste

Teak Heets is just one of the brand-new flavors in the line of tobacco sticks. Teak wood Option tobacco sticks have an abundant cigarette taste with a fascinating aftertaste of baking and Bavarian lotion. A real tobacco taste with hints of baking and also ingenious technology of tobacco heating. Teak HEETS can be identified by the criteria:

Nicotine– 4/5
Intensity– 3/5
Taste– 3/5
Taste– 5/5

Where to get HEETS Teak in Saudi Arabia?

Purchase Teak Choice flavor or any other IQOS sticks in Saudi Arabia in one click. Add the product to the cart as well as fill in the type. Our supervisor will call you quickly and prepare shipment at a practical time for you. Buying Teak HEETS in our store you are assured to obtain the best service in Saudi Arabia, specific price and also wide variety of items. Customized discount rates as well as customized deals make our clients faithful. Sign Up With the Iqos HEETS Club and become part of a premium neighborhood.

Delivery HEETS Teak in Saudi Arabia

Delivery of heatsticks in Saudi Arabia is offered in our store. Order heatsticks online as well as obtain very same day shipment. Orders which are paid online or made in the early morning are provided on the day of the order. Delivery is possible to any kind of city in Saudi Arabia, such as Riyadh, Jeddah and others. Check with your manager concerning delivery time. Times may vary relying on your area.