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Heets Yellow Green

1 Carton/10 small packers/200 Sticks


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Origin: Kazakhstan

Taste: Tobacco citrus

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What is Heets Yellow Green?

Heets Yellow Green Choice is a brand-new taste in 2022 cigarette sticks for IQOS devices. Our clients note that the brand-new Heets Selection line of tastes is unusual and also different from the timeless tastes released earlier. If you have surrendered cigarettes or are trying to stop smoking cigarettes. Heets Yellow Green can replace breathing in dangerous carbon dioxide as well as help you give up shedding cigarette. The distinct non-burning heating technology allows our customers to delight in pure nicotine without damaging their wellness. Our customers often request this product in Saudi Arabia. 8/10 buyers say that the Parlament line has a fascinating and distinctive cigarette flavor Yellow Green Option has a bright citrus taste, lime is felt. The preference is similar to Amarelo, however with even more focus on the sour taste.

The amount of sticks in a pack of Heets Yellow Green?

Each box has 10 packs of Heets. Each pack contains 20 sticks. Our store does not break blocks as well as does not offer packs. One unit of item is one block (10 packs of 20 Heet Yellow Green Choice). The expense per block is 499 SAR. If your order consists of more than 3 blocks you can ask for a private discount from our manager. When you open the bundle, you can see two sectors wrapped in paper. Each of the segments contains 10 sticks. This is a fantastic means to control the heatsticks intake, to determine the rest. Some clients have actually kept in mind that the 2nd sector is a hassle-free means to store utilized sticks.

Heets Yellow Green taste

The brand-new Heets Yellow Green for IQOS is placed as soft and refined. Upon opening the bundle, we really feel cigarette and something fresh, similar to citrus. The scent is not chemical, rather positive. Heets Yellow Green as well as Amarelo Fuse are very similar. Our individuals note that for followers of the rich as well as brilliant flavors Amorelo is much better, for followers of the much more traditional tobacco taste with fruity notes – Yellow Green Selection is better. While sampling it, you can really feel the soft enveloping cigarette with a mild citrus note. I can not claim that it is very rich, but the taste is good and the fruitiness matches it perfectly. Yellow Green Option from Parliament will match fans of citrus sticks. Goes well with solid black tea and sour coffee. The aftertaste is positive, there is no sensation of bitterness in the mouth. Gree Yellow n Option can be identified by the parameters:

Nicotine– 4/5
Intensity– 5/5
Flavor– 5/5
Fresh– 3/5

Where to purchase Heets Yellow Green in Saudi Arabia?

Acquire Heet Yellow Green Selection flavor IQOS embeds Saudi Arabia in one click. Add the item to the cart and fill in the type. Our supervisor will contact you quickly as well as arrange shipment at a hassle-free time for you. Acquiring Heets Green Yellow  Option Heet in our store you are ensured to get the very best solution in Saudi Arabia, specific price and also vast array of items. Individualized discount rates as well as special deals make our customers dedicated. Join the Iqos Heets Club and also enter into a premium area.

Distribution Heet Yellow Green Option in Saudi Arabia

Delivery of heatsticks in Saudi Arabia is available in our store. Order heatsticks online and also get very same day delivery. Orders which are paid online or made in the morning are provided on the day of the order. Very same day shipment. hipment Yellow Green Choice sticks is possible to any city in Saudi Arabia, such as Riyadh, Jeddah and others. Consult your supervisor concerning distribution time. Times may vary relying on your area.