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Heets Yellow Selection

1 Carton/10 small packers/200 Sticks


Taste: Classic tobacco blend

Origin: Kazakhstan

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What is HEETS Yellow?

HEETS Yellow Choice is the most preferred traditional flavor with notes of tobacco. Enjoying your preferred sticks as well as not feeling addicted to the traditional cigarettes has actually ended up being easy with the growth of IQOS. The process of cigarette smoking stimulates just positive emotions in our clients. Practical method to make use of, a vast array of flavors and several ways to customize the tool to stand out from the others and also be distinct. If you have given up cigarettes or are attempting to stop cigarette smoking. HEETS Yellow can replace inhaling hazardous carbon dioxide and assistance in surrendering shedding tobacco. That’s why 9/10 of users advise the stick to Yellow taste, since it is as close to the taste of cigarettes as possible. After changing from cigarettes to IQOS our clients kept in mind that the other flavors, such as Gold or Purple are more details as well as the first times they are heated they feel a little bit chemical.

How many sticks in a pack of HEETS Yellow?

Each pack has 10 packs of HEETS. Each pack consists of 20 sticks. Our store does not damage blocks and does not offer packs. One system of product is one block (10 packs of 20 HEETS Yellow sticks). The price per block is 349 SAR. If your order has greater than 3 blocks you can request for a specific price cut from our manager. When you open the bundle, you can see two segments wrapped in paper. Each of the sections consists of 10 sticks. This is a great method to manage the heatsticks usage, to determine the rest. Some consumers have actually noted that the second segment is a convenient method to store utilized sticks.

HEETS Yellow taste

Yellow taste is one of the timeless flavors in the line of cigarette sticks. Definitely the most ideal for associate with IQOS modern technology and also one of the most economical in taste feeling after switching over from sigaret. HEETS Yellow Choice cigarette sticks have an abundant yet light cigarette taste. A real tobacco taste with cutting-edge tobacco home heating innovation. Some users have actually kept in mind that the home heating process, as opposed to burning, leaves a light cigarette as well as straw taste. HEET Yellow can be characterized by the specifications:

Nicotine– 3/5
Intensity– 2/5
Taste– 4/5
Taste– 3/5

Where to acquire HEETS Yellow in Saudi Arabia?

Buy HEET Yellow Selection or any other taste of IQOS embeds Saudi Arabia in one click. Include the product to the cart and fill in the form. Our supervisor will certainly contact you shortly as well as organize shipment at a practical time for you. Acquiring Yellow HEETS in our store you are ensured to obtain the most effective service in Saudi Arabia, specific cost and variety of items. Individualized discount rates and individualized deals make our clients faithful. Sign Up With the Iqos HEETS Club and also enter into a premium area.

Delivery HEETS Yellow in Saudi Arabia

Delivery of heatsticks in Saudi Arabia is offered in our store. Order heatsticks online now and obtain very same day delivery. Delivery is feasible to any type of city in Saudi Arabia, such as Riyadh, Jeddah and others. Get a lot more info concerning delivery time with your supervisor. Times might differ relying on your area. Orders which are paid online or made in the early morning are provided on the day of the order.