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IQOS ILuma Prime Obsidian Black



Color: Obsidian Black

Origin: Japan

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What is IQOS ILuma Prime Obsidian Black?

IQOS ILuma Prime Obsidian Black is a development and also revolutionary item among heating tools. IQOS offered the modern technology in August 2021 in Japan. Several individuals kept in mind the individuality as well as functionality of the brand-new generation of IQOS as well as called it IQOS version 4. The business named the brand-new product IQOS ILuma Prime. Because of the unique structure of the brand-new stick owners, the line of traditional HEETS as well as Fiit do not fit and do not heat up in the new ILuma. This is because of an adjustment in home heating modern technology. We for that reason do not suggest making use of any other sticks than Terea. The kind element of the new gadget is entirely special. The gadget has a cover with magnets that opens to take the owner out of the major charger system. Customers keep in mind that they like this format. The idea is initial and the new ILuma Prime devices have a fascinating premium layout and practicality in operation. IQOS ILuma Prime Obsidian Black tool in addition to the battery charger has a beautiful as well as superior obsidian black color.

Why does just Heets Terea fit the IQOS ILuma?

TEREA Sticks can not be used with various other IQOS versions. This results from the peculiarity of the stick layout. In older IQOS 3 DUO, Multi, 2.4 or lil Solid models, the heating element was inside the charger. If you put TEREA sticks into older gadgets you will damage the burner. Regular HEETS and also Fiit sticks can not be used with IQOS Iluma gadgets. Normal sticks simply will not warm up. This is also due to the building of the new home heating sticks and owner of heatstick

What is consisted of in the IQOS ILuma Prime Obsidian Black?

While unpacking the ILuma Prime Obsidian Black in the box is the charger, the gadget for billing the holder and the holder. Also in package is an user’s manual, well-known sticker labels and also paper inserts. The kit contains:

  • Device ILuma Prime Obsidian Black
  • Holder
  • Charger
  • Manual
  • Branded inlay

Why IQOS ILuma Oneis much better than IQOS 2.4 or IQOS 3?

IQOS ILuma Prime is the new generation of cigarette home heating. Distinctly created as well as synchronized with your cell phone via the application. Extra devices and upgrades to make the tool unique. ILuma is a completely brand-new product in the IQOS line, no other gadget could be attached to your phone and tweak the gadgets features. Automatic stick activation and heating when you place the penetrate the holder. This function can be disabled via the application. You no longer have to clamp the switch and stress that it could damage. The IQOS ILuma Prime is completely touch-sensitive and also is activated by a tap on the touch zone. Users will notice something comparable to Apple’s Airpods. If you contrast ILUMA with the younger generations, it can be noted that the gadget has come to be more functional and practical. There is no threat to damage the gadget, to break the burner or to harm the button. It is an unique modern technology growth by Philipp Morris, which has assisted in the heating of tobacco with IQOS tools as well as fixed a number of problems of the younger generations simultaneously:

  • Now the device can not break since the heating sting is inside each Terea stick.
  • The device does not become saturated with smell. This implies that every heating as well as pure nicotine breathing treatment will be accompanied by an excellent and tidy taste of the home heating sticks.
  • The inside of the tool will certainly constantly be tidy. It does not need to be cleaned up of tar, pollutants after home heating and also residual tobacco inside the tool.

Where to acquire IQOS ILuma Prime Obsidian Black in Saudi Arabia?

Get ILuma Prime Obsidian Black in Saudi Arabia in one click. Include the item to the cart as well as complete the type. Our manager will contact you shortly and also arrange distribution at a hassle-free time for you. Acquiring ILuma Prime Obsidian Black in our store you are ensured to obtain the best solution in Saudi Arabia, private cost and also a wide variety of products. Individualized discounts as well as special deals make our clients devoted. Sign Up With the IQOS Club and also enter into a costs neighborhood!

Shipment IQOS ILUMA in Saudi Arabia

Shipping of heets heatsticks in Saudi Arabia is offered in our store. Order ILUMA online and also get exact same day shipment. Orders which are paid online or made in the early morning are provided on the day of the order. Distribution IQOS ILUMA One possible to any kind of city in Saudi Arabia, such as Riyadh, Jeddah as well as others. Talk to your manager regarding distribution time. Times may vary depending upon your area